oxbtc cloud mining, ptc, tasks , offerwalls

OXBTC just had a major updated to their platform and it seems it is introduction to something much bigger because now expect from cloud mining you can earn crypto by visiting advertisement , doing social tasks and completing surveys and offerwalls. If you are not familiar with OxBTC please read our previous post first. You can find it here.

Up till now OXBTC was and still is one of the most trusted cloud mining platforms where you can buy real miners and get profit in ETH, BTC and FIL. Now OXBTC is expanding and there are new earning opportunities which you can use to increase your passive crypto income. 

You can now earn with : 

  • PTC


New users have exclusive benefits when they join and as before you can get free hashrate to get you going.

Groupon Lottery(Second Campaign)

Join the groupon lottery and get up to 2 BTC and 100 USDT for free. Groupon Lottery Campaign: You have the option of starting a Group (A/B) and inviting 1 new user, or joining a Group (A/B). Your Group is only valid if it has at least two members. After forming a Valid Group, the lottery is selected.


Everyone who took part: At the end of the campaign (2022-03-16 23:59:59, (SGT)) distribute 2 BTC.
(1) Group A Participants’ Reward:
Initiator of the group (inviter): Get a $5 electricity fee waived.
The winner will receive a 2% discount on their lifetime BTC hashrate (Pandaminer P5)
Non-winners: Get a full refund plus 12 USDT for free.
(2) Group B Participants’ Reward: Group Initiator (Inviter): Get a $1 power fee waived.
Winners: Enjoy High Mining Profits at a Low Threshold.
Non-winners: Get a full refund plus 2 USDT for free.


As I mentioned above now you can earn doing various tasks on the platform. 

  • Watch Paid to Click Ads(Learn More)
  • Finish social tasks
  • Complete offerwalls and surveys

There are a variety of tasks that you may accomplish to earn OXPoints. OXPoints have a fixed price in dollars and will not fluctuate in line with cryptocurrency prices. If you have a sufficient number of OXPoints (1000), you can swap them to enhance your holdings. 

All of the tasks on this page are related to OXBTC, such as Mining and Learning. Each task has its own set of steps to follow. You may need to navigate to a certain website, view product specifications, or even claim a free bonus. After completing the assignment, you will receive the OXPoints indicated on the task card.


You may easily earn money in the PTC Ads zone by just clicking and exploring recommended websites. You may check the daily available adverts at the top of the page and earn OXPoints from them.

Earnable OXPoints and time requirements can be found in accessible adverts. In most cases, the needed time will be less than 30 seconds. If you visit the promoted websites by clicking “GO” and browse for a sufficient amount of time, you will easily obtain the points!


You may view daily offers and earnable OXPoints in the same way as you can in the PTC Ads zone. In this section, you can find links to websites that include various deals. You can be asked to install an app, take a survey, or play a game.

Clearly, the duties in offerwalls have huge benefits. When compared to PTC Ads, you can earn multiple times as much. For example, by visiting an 8-second promoted webpage, you can easily earn 40 OXPoints. In contrast, you can earn 40,000 OXPoints by completing one of the tasks listed on the offerwalls. These chores will be more difficult than others, but no pain, no gain!

How do I use my OXPoints?

On the left column bottom, you can preview your OX Points. You can exchange them by clicking on the icon like shown below

You will see a pop-up window asking you to redeem your points. For 0.01USDT, 100 OXPoints can be traded. The minimum exchange quantity is 1000 OXPoints, implying that the exchange begins with 1000 OXPoints. 

Once exchanged successfully, it can be checked in your OXBTC wallet.


Again I can say that this is another great opportunity offered by OXBTC. This update serves as proof of their legitimacy so we strongly recommend you to join OXBTC and start exapnding you crypto passive income. Happy Earnings!