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Alien Worlds, the Metaverse’s Biggest Game | How to Play and Earn!?

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Alien Worlds is a blockchain-based metaverse where players can earn NFTs through playing. Players can mine the TLM token, compete against other explorers, and earn commission from their virtual real estate.

Daring explorers have ventured to the farthest regions of the universe, where they discovered a new solar system nestled among the stars. Seven unexplored planets now call to you, traveler.

What is the metaverse?

The phrase “metaverse” refers to a virtual world within a digital environment in which people and technologies interact. Author Neal Stephenson invented the phrase in his 1992 novel Snow Crash. The book alluded to a 3D virtual world populated by humans in the form of avatars.

The term metaverse is a combination of the words meta, which means “beyond,” and universe. In recent years, the book has served as an inspiration for Silicon Valley developers, who have created dozens of games based on the metaverse concept.


So, what is Alien Worlds all about?

Alien Worlds is a free-to-play game experience in which users can acquire NFTs, mine for a fungible currency known as Trilium (TLM), and strive for dominance on the seven planets spread over the vast metaverse.
If you’ve been yearning to stake your claim, you can do so by visiting one of the DAO’s first six completely independent planets: Kavian, Veles, Naron, Magor, Neri, and Eyeke. Every square inch of these planets is made up of tokenized plots of land (as NFTs) that players can own and mine for TLM.
What’s really cool is that you don’t have to own the land to start mining. You can begin by excavating the good items on another player’s land and paying a tiny commission charge for access.

You haven’t put any money into Alien Worlds; all you need is a shovel to get started. You can, however, go to distant planets to find Trillium. NFTs can also be found when mining. The tool’s luck statistics affect your odds of finding avatars or even new and more powerful mining equipment.

Your mining tools must cool down between sessions. Rare mining tools take longer to cool, but typical tools, such as a shovel, cool in 30 minutes.

TLMs can be traded on Alcor, and NFTs can be sold on AtomicHub.

Getting Started

To begin mining Trilium, you must first create an account on Binance Chain, WAX, or Ethereum.

When you initially log in, you’ll be able to choose between a male and female Avatar, as well as a free standard shovel and enough resources to mine 25 times each day.
From here, you’ll be invited to select one of the first six mineable planets and a parcel of land to begin digging on. This may be modified later, so there’s no rush!

Alien Worlds Land's

On Alien Worlds, important things to search for in land include NFT luck multiplier, TLM multiplier, and Charge Time Multiplier.

The Charge Time Multiplier is the amount by which the land multiplies the mining cooldown.

The NFT Luck Multiplier indicates how likely you are to receive an NFT mining on the land.

TLM Luck Multiplier indicates how probable it is that you will receive additional Trilium mining on the land.

Sandy Coastline is the best land right now in terms of efficiency.

To help you get started you can use this spreedsheet here

Finding the best planet to mine on is determined by two factors: the mining pool (the number of TLM staked in a planet) and the number of miners.

Select your tools
You’ll be given a shovel if you’re new to the game. However, the game’s launch pack should include additional tools. Each instrument includes data that show how much Trilium you can mine at one time. It is possible to employ three tools at the same time.

Select “Mine.”
Once everything is in place, click the Mine button to begin.

Then it will indicate “Mining in progress,” and you will be able to claim your TLM (Trilium) from this mining in a few seconds, so please be patient. It should then inform you that you are now eligible to claim your TLM. Then you can claim your TLM and use it however you like. You can sell it on for a little amount of WAX, use it in the future, or shine items with it.

Selling TLM

After getting some Trilium(TLM), you might have decided you want to sell it for some WAX to use on other DApps or upgrade your Alien World tools.

Do this by going to “” and click “TLM” which as of writing is the top of the list in Markets.

Upgrading Your Tools

After a while of playing Alien Worlds, you might be wondering how you can earn extra TLM or NTFs. The answer is straightforward: upgrade your tools.

If you’re lucky, you could have already discovered some of these tools or unusual NTF products. You can equip items by refreshing your page (if you see them in your wallet but not in game) and then clicking “Inventory,” followed by Equip for the item you want to equip. You won’t be able to do that until it’s a tool. You can only equip three tools at a time.

These tools improve your chances of identifying more TLMs and NTFs. For example, with the Standard Shovel, you’re unlikely to locate many, if any, NTFs or TLM. You can find additional rare NTFs and TLMs by employing tools.

These tools can be purchased through Atomic Assets Marketplace. Three drills are a good starting point, followed by the Draxos Axe, Barrel Digger, or Glavor Disk for finding NTFs (which is where the real money is at.)

Final toughts

Alien Worlds has so much to offer, and there’s no better way to immerse yourself in the games than by joining the vast community.
With over 200,000 daily players, we know there’s something for everyone, whether it’s simply socializing, developing your own NFT collections/collaborations, or spending your days mining Trilium.

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