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GRAVIEX Exchange service: low fees, fast withdrawals, high security!

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Graviex main goal is to make trading affordable, safe and reliable. Therefore, they strive to provide the most comfortable conditions for our users. We work so that you can work. So if you are begginer trader with low ammount of crypto in your wallet this is the right platform for you.

There are two account types: Unverified and Verified accounts.


User accounts which have NOT passed the verification procedure.
There are several limitations:

  • Daily withdraw limits (all fees are specified  in your exchange wallet in Withdraw section)
  • Unable to recover the access to user’s profile and funds in case a mobile device is lost or Authenticator app is accidentally deleted
  • Unable to recover Two-Factor Authentication


User accounts which have passed verification procedure.


  • Unlimited daily withdraws
  • Ability to recover Two-Factor Authentication
  • Ability to recover the access to user’s profile and funds in case when a mobile device is lost or Authenticator app is accidentally deleted  

Two-Factor Authentication Recovery can be possible with following conditions:

  • During the step of the account verification you have provided a selfie and photo of your passport (page with your photo) or driver license
  • You have made at least one withdraw with previous Google Authenticator token

Graviex Exchange Futures

This is main and simple futures for begginers

  • Trading
  • Wallet
  • Dividends
  • Faucets
  • Bots
  • Referral Program
  • Desktop wallet and staking
  • Mobile app

Graviex Exchange Trade

To get better understanding on how to trade on graviex watch their official tutorial!

Graviocoin Desktop Wallet Installation and Staking Guide

Here you can download the Graviocoin desktop wallet appropriate for your operating system:

Steps of installing the Graviocoin wallet for Windows:

  • Download appropriate wallet archive.
  • Unpack the archive to a folder on your hard disk (for example d:\Graviocoin\).
  • Run ‘graviocoin-qt.exe‘ file and follow the instructions of the setup wizard.
  • Choose the Graviocoin core data directory on your hard disk.
  • Load the master key and wallet account (HD Wallet setup):  
    • select the “Create” tab and click on the “Generate” button:

graviex desktop wallet setup
Graviex Desktop Wallet

copy your generated Recovery Phrase and paste it in the appropriate field on the “Import” tab,enter your Recovery Passphrase in the appropriate field,BACKUP your Recovery Phrase and the Passphrase in case you need to restore your wallet! click on the “Import” button:

graviex wallet
Graviex Desktop Wallet Setup

Enter the “Receive” tab and click on the “Create new receiving address” button (or use the ‘getnewaddress‘ command in the “Window/Console” menu):

graviex wallet
Graviex Wallet

PoS-mining (staking) conditions:

  • block reward – 5 GIO,
  • minimal amount on the wallet balance to start staking – 50 GIO,
  • maturity period (staked amount blocking) – 100 blocks,
  • minimal confirmations for stake – 225.

How to participate in PoS-mining (staking):

  • Install the Graviocoin desktop wallet appropriate for your operating system as described above.
  • Create a new Receiving address (if you haven’t done it yet). The number of Receiving addresses does not affect staking.
  • NO NEED in additional settings in your desktop wallet – it’s already ready for staking. 
  • Send an amount of at least 50 GIO to the address received in your Graviocoin desktop wallet:
    1. enter the “Window/Receiving addresses” menu and copy the address for making a deposit,
    2. transactions with larger amounts have a higher chance of a stake.

graviex wallet
Graviex Staking

Transactions will participate in staking after receiving 255 confirmations. You can check the staking status via the “Window/Console” menu using the ‘getstakinginfo‘ command (“staking”: true):

Graviex Dividends

Calculation of dividends is: ((Trading volume within BTC market * percentage rate of dividends) / total value of gained coins) * quantity of available coins at your GIO account. Dividends calculation depending upon a user’s GIO balance is processed every hour during the first 5 minutes of an hour. Thus, if GIO is available at a user’s account during the first 5 minutes of an hour and the option of dividend receipt is enabled, the dividends will be calculated for your profit. If you have sold out or withdrawn some GIO during the first 5 minutes of an hour, the dividends will be calculated only for the rest of your balance. BTC acquired as calculated dividends is deposited at a trade account once a day (the amount to be deposited is not less than 0,1 satoshi). Instead of dividends receipt, an option of 50% trade fee discount is also available. Switching between dividend receipt and the discount can be put into effect not more often than once per 72 hours.

Graviex Faucets

Graviex offers over 20+ coins for faucets. You can claim as much as you want ( depending on the coin ). All you have to do is register.


Graviex is great exchange if you are begginer with low minimal deposit and low fees, it is also good for master traders if zou wanna take yourself to the next lvl. Graviex offers many more great futures. I only talked about some basics today so you can get started. I would recommend you to try graviex and if you use adshares you can withdraw your ADS tokens to Graviex. Happy Earnings!

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