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Publish0x Review 2022 | Earn Crypto For Bloggin

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Publish0x is a cryptocurrency-based online networking company that employs and pays bloggers. You can make money by either authoring articles or simply reading them.

The site gives you a cryptocurrency tip, which you can keep or give a portion of to the site’s author. It’s entirely up to you to decide how much to distribute and how much to keep for yourself.

However, becoming an author on the site is not so simple. You must first apply for the role of writer, which requires some experience.

You must first write the example article, which will then be reviewed by the website. If your work is good enough, PublishOx will hire you as an author.

How to Join Publish0x?

To begin, you must first create an account on Publish0x. You can use Facebook, Twitter, or your email address to create an account.

Then you’ll be taken to a sign-up page, where you’ll be asked to enter your username and email address, as well as select an avatar and provide a brief description of yourself. After that, you will receive a confirmation email.

To validate your email address, click the link in the confirmation email. You will be taken to the dashboard after finishing your profile.

You can see how much you’ve made and keep track of your bitcoin in the dashboard.

Publish0x Sign Up

Working on Pulbish0x

You should apply for the role if you wish to be an author. In exchange, the website requests a sample of your writing. But before, you must complete and submit the application form.

Once you’ve been given permission to write a sample article, you must write about the cryptocurrency and wait for the site administrators to review it.

It will take roughly 24 hours to hear whether or not you have been chosen as an author. If you are chosen as an author on the site, you will be notified.

After that, you can begin writing blogs on the site as an author. The reader, on the other hand, determines the quality of your posts by typing.

How Do you Earn?

You are paid by PublishOx for writing and reading articles. When a reader views the site’s material, he gets rewarded with AMPL or IFARM as a gratuity for his or her time.

He can provide the author a comprehensive tip or just a few suggestions while keeping the rest for himself. In PublishOx, you can set the tip amount using a sliding scale.

Reading two articles every hour is the only way to earn cryptocurrency. Both sides get $0.01 if you chose to divide the tip with the author. Depending on the conversion rate, this is the average earnings.

When you tip someone, the timer starts. For the next 24 minutes, or until the timer resets, you cannot tip another author.

Payment Method

To get payments from the site, you must create three accounts on the site. The first is an Ethereum wallet, the second is a Publish0x account, and the third is a crypto exchange like KuCoin.

You can withdraw to KuCoin as low as 0.5$ every monday and only AMPL!

You can withdraw your IFARM to ETH based walet but I don’t recommend small amounts because of ethereum gas fee.

Publish0x's Advantages and Disadvantages

Before signing up for PublishOx, it’s critical to understand the app’s benefits and drawbacks.


Joining is completely free.

Payments are made in cryptocurrency.

For both viewing and writing content, you will get compensated.

They offer advice and assistance to both readers and writers.


People are not permitted to tip authors and pocket the entire tip for themselves.

If your Ethereum Address is incorrect, there is no way to get your money back.

There is no option to choose your preferred payout token.


According to a detailed Publish0x review, the app is not a fraud. You can earn cryptocurrency by writing, reading, or referring people to the site.

Even if they don’t like the content, readers can still earn money by reading it, but the writer’s income is based on reader tips.

If you’re looking for a way to supplement your income, visit PublishOx, a legitimate website that rewards you for reading and publishing articles.

Join Publish0x

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