How to Donate Crypto to Ukraine!? | Freedom and Transparency of Cryptocurrency

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One of the most important innovations of cryptocurrency is its transparency. The phrase cryptocurrency, as used by ordinary people, and the term open public blockchain, as used by academics, refer to a financial technology whose inner workings are visible to anyone. We can track the transactions of bitcoin account owners in real time if we know who they are.

Because bitcoin is open source and decentralized, anyone can freely transfer cryptocurrency holdings without extra obstacles (just scan the address and press the send button). There are no constraints on asset transfers as long as the blockchain network exists and we know how to connect to it. If the network is in good working order, assets can be received instantly. In the case of a donation to Ukraine for Russia’s war, Ukraine merely needs to reveal their accounts, wallets, or public account addresses, and even better supply a rapid response (QR) code for gadget user friendliness, and any crypto users can quickly pay.

How to Donate Crypto to Ukraine?

Donate to the Ukrainian Government Directly

The most safe way to ensure that your cryptocurrency is donated to Ukraine is to donate directly to the government. On February 26, Ukraine’s official (and verified) Twitter account revealed two cryptocurrency wallet addresses: one for Bitcoin and one for Ethereum. It accepts USDT and Polkadot as well.

Donate to Supporting NGOs

Some nonprofits and philanthropic organizations, such as Come Back Alive, Ukraine DAO, and the Kyiv Independent, an English-language Ukrainian newspaper that has been reporting the fighting on Twitter, are accepting cryptocurrency donations directly.

Third-party sites like as Endaoment are also organizing cryptocurrency fundraising campaigns to help Ukrainian humanitarian initiatives. According to the site, a public fund established on Endaoment to assist Ukraine has raised more than $500,000 in cryptocurrency, with the money being split equally among seven different NGOs. Because of the crypto donations so far, the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, one of the groups participating in the Endaoment fund, says it was able to partner with another nonprofit to deliver $50,000 worth of medical goods for humanitarian purposes to Ukraine.

More Ways to Help Ukraine

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I trust in the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies because of the large and growing number of supporters. Developers who are always creating new software breakthroughs are among those who support this cause. Not long after the creation of cryptocurrency, blockchain explorers were created where the transaction data is put on the web and made a user friendly website so that anyone can view them on the web browser, similar to a search engine for cryptocurrency transaction data. In this case, now that we have the accounts, wallets, or public addresses for Ukraine’s donation, we can track the donation transactions by entering the public addresses into any of the blockchain explorers listed below:


Because of the transparency of cryptocurrencies, you can even follow donations to Ukraine by browsing the web. There are currently $15 million in native coins and many tokens that can erupt during the next altcoin season that have been contributed. Donating in the crypto realm is as easy as scanning and sending.